Anatoli Lichii

About me

I'm IT Consultant at Pexon.

Linux and Open Source, those are the things that moved me at the beginning of my studies and finally started my career with. My experience in web hosting has rounded off my interests over the years.

At the moment I'm mostly occupied with topics like Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Docker and Docker Compose, Kubernetes, Gitlab. Automation with go and bash is always fun for me.

The interest in eCommerce and the constant contact with different, interesting orders and customers has accompanied me throughout my entire career. Thereby I was able to gain some basic experience in the field of PHP programming. This knowledge helps me to make the right decisions in my field again and again.

If you take DevOps as the main axis, gravity is rather shifted in the direction of Ops. Principles from the study of business informatics often help me to find the balance between realistic objectives and technical implementation.

I like music, philosophy, religion. You can ask more about me by mail.